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Cette année est difficile pour moi avec ce cancer qui me bousille la vie mais j'ai eu la chance d'interviewer la charmante Andrea Teodora connu également sur le nom de Sahara.

Il a pas à dire elle est juste woah !!


How would you describe yourself?
Like a quiet introverted girl that loves music.

At what age did you begin to be singer ?

I am singing ever since I was 8 but I started my music career at 19.

an you tell me about your single "SEX ZA DEN" ?
“Sex za den” is a pop-folk song which got to be one of the biggest hits this year in Bulgaria. The sound of it is very popular in my country.

Can you tell me about your single 'UNIVERSAL LOVE Feat Edward Maya'?

son interview est disponible ici

“Universal Love” is my first international project this year. It is a duet with Edward Maya and it is one of my favorite yet. I am very happy because the single got in some of the biggest charts in many different countries. I have been receiving lots of positive feedback from all over the world.

What is the best memory during a photo shoot ?

The last photoshoot I did was in Hollywood and I might add - one of the most exciting.

What are your project for next year ?

I am very excited for my first international album which is coming out very soon.

What are your favorite artists ?

I am very inspired of Rihanna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Sia etc.

What are your passions ?

Music has been my biggest passion in my life but I am very drawn to designing my own clothes. I work for my clothing line label “Style by Andrea” where I can be creative in different ways. I just established my video producing company “Andrea Production” and it will work on various video projects.

Have you ever been approached to participate in a reality show ?
I have been many times but it isn’t something that I am attracted to.

what is your best memory of Belgium ?

Unfortunately I was there for a brief period of time for work and I wasn’t able to explore it. I am certain that I will next time I visit Belgium.

What is your best memory of Antalya ?

  (Pourquoi cette question j'ai été la même année qu'Andrea avec la femme que j'aime Lolita)

I have such magical memories from there.

I always connect Antalya with amazing food, sunny beaches and relaxing SPA. I enjoy it a lot.

How do you manage to always be beautiful and radiant ?


It isn’t easy at all to keep my good looks due to all the stress and pressure I am under pretty much all the time. Usually I isolate myself in the family villa outside the city where I can focus on myself and my work without all the negativity.

What's your favourite food?

I love all kinds of food but fruit and vegetables mostly. I tend not to eat meat.

You are one of the most beautiful women I've had the chance to interview, which is the best compliment you have received ?

I am very grateful for that. Every woman should receive compliments.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear ?
Lately I focus on wearing mostly comfortable clothes. And for my shows of core my label StylebyAndrea

Defthunder interview la très charmante chanteuse Andrea TeodoraDefthunder interview la très charmante chanteuse Andrea TeodoraDefthunder interview la très charmante chanteuse Andrea Teodora
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