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Voici ma première interview de 2015 , il faut dire que cette année est pas facile pour moi car je me bats contre la cancer. Pour cette première interview de l'année , j'ai fait venir la charmante actrice Christine Lakin . J'étais fan d'elle dans la série Notre belle famille "Step by Step"

Voici son interview totalement en anglais car j'ai pas envie de déformer ses paroles


> How would you describe yourself? 
I'm a tiny, driven person. I work hard and I play hard.  I love to surround myself with friends and good food and I can be quite a social butterfly. I am constantly juggling ideas and projects as I have a hard time sitting still and I like to succeed.  I believe everything that's worth anything in life- love, friendships, family, career - require hard work and attention.  I love to travel and consider seeing the world the a deeply unique and profound luxury.

> At what age did you begin to be astress ? 
I began acting professionally at age 8 in Atlanta, GA.

> what is your best memory in the television series Step by Step ? 
The downtime and backstage with the cast and crew.  We were like family and there is no better feeling than getting to go to work everyday to a place you love and one that feels like home.

> Do you have any advice for girls who want to become models? 
Not really..? I was never a model so I don't know that world very well. Regardless, never pay someone to represent you. I know that's a scam in any world.

> Have you ever been approached to participate in a reality show? 
No but I would secretly like to be on Survivor.

> How do you manage to always be beautiful and radiant?
Aw, start ;)  Water and sleep help. So does choosing to be happy and not sweat the small stuff.  I try to move and be active 5 days a week and eat real food, as opposed to processed food. I cook a lot myself, which helps.  And wine.  Wine is necessary. 

> What kinds of music do you like? 
Classic rock, I listen to a lot of that.  I have a pretty big vinyl collection and my husband is always playing DJ. 

> What are your plans for next year?
Next year? I have to get through this year first!  My hopes are to be producing a show I created and working on starting our family.

> when I'm cured of cancer , if I make a music video would you like to participate ?
If I can, sure! Cancer Sucks!!

> Tell me about your participation in Walking dead : season two 
I play the character Jane. She is a tough gal who was mostly a loner until she meets Clem. She becomes a teacher of sorts for Clem and toughens her up a bit. We also learn Jane has lost everyone she cares about and sees Clem a bit like the sister she once had.

> Do you play video games?
Sometimes. I'm good at driving ones.  I think I could have been a race car driver in another life.

> If you were a video game character, which would you be?
Jane in the The Walking Dead! But I wouldn't do the crazy thing she did in the end, which I'm pretty sure got her killed.  Whoops!

> You are one of the most beautiful women I've had the chance to interview, which is the best compliment you have received? 
You are very kind. Im sure you say that to all of us.  Kidding!  Beauty radiates from within so I try to start there.

> What kind of clothes do you like to wear? 
I change it up a lot depending on my mood. Im a jeans and t shirt gal most days but I like a preppy look sometimes.  I also follow trends and am into high waisted skirts and crop shirts right now.  Plus wedges. All the time.  I'm short but I like to be semi-comfortable.

> What are your passions? 
Creating. Entertaining. Food, my family, my friends.  Spending time with my husband and my dog Codybear and trying to live the best, most present life I can. 

> Have you ever traveled to Belgium?
I have not! But I would absolutely love to. I hear the chocolate is to die for :)


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